Montag, 26. September 2016

International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock • NoDAPL

**The International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock | October 8-11, 2016**

Ways you can participate:
1. Organize a prayer or ceremony on one of those days
2. Boycott all gas stations (especially Phillips 66) for one or all days
3. Halt construction of a pipeline near you ;)
4. Organize a letter writing party to tribal, local or national officials
5. Close all accounts with the following banks on October 11 for the #DivestFromDAPL campaign:
6. Share the attached flyers
7. Pray by your local water source/mountains/sacred sites
8. Round dance in public places/demonstrate
9. March/Pilgrimage for Standing Rock and other local issues
10. Translate flyer to a foreign language you know:

One day for each sacred direction.
We are mobilizing 5000 prayers and/or actions around the world.
We say "with" and not "for" Standing Rock because we are asking people to also tackle local issues: It's one thing to inspire the world to rush to your aid, it's another thing to inspire the world to stand up for their own water, their own air, their own climate and their own communities. Let's give Standing Rock that satisfaction by not only working for them, but also taking action to protect our own respective homelands! :)

Please take 1 minute to record your action/prayer here so we can make a map of all the people taking a stand:

link fuer video       bitte hier anklicken WICHTIG